Monday, December 21, 2015

What Earth Would Look Like if All the Ice in the World Melted.

Here are maps of the Earth that shows the shorelines that would exist if all the ice in the world became unfrozen.

Example: Antarctica with no ice. Source:

This wouldn't be a problem if Simon Bar-Sinister caused all the water in the world to  DRY UP! But we'd have a different problem, now, would we?

Since Simon is a cartoon character, we have no fear of that other "problem." But we also should have no fear of the ice-free planetary conditions since the Business As Usual (A1F1 = RCP 8.5) global warming future will not be met due to lack of fossil fuels that can be profitably mined or extracted; still, we should expect to reach about 550 ppm CO2 by Century's end. That will give us minimum 3 to 4 degrees C (5.4 to 7.2 F). Now how much sea level rise will we get?

At 3 C warming, about 25 meters, which yield 80 feet.

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