Sunday, December 6, 2015

Conservative Blogger Loses It!

One of the unfortunate side effects of economic decline due to peak oil and a heavy debt overburden, is the increase in gun shootings, such as the Oregon shooting, the Bunny Friend Park shooting, the Planned Parenthood shooting in Colorado, and the Daesh-inspired (authorized? sponsored?) California shooting -- a newlywed couple gunning down coworkers who just threw them a baby shower! -- plus now this: A conservative blogger loses it so much over a New York Times front page editorial that he literally shoots it full of holes!

Source: The Hill.

Conservative blogger Erick Erickson has literally fired shots at a New York Times editorial that appeared on the front page of the paper Saturday.
“This is what I think of the New York Times editorial today,” Erickson posted on Instagram, with a photo of bulletholes through the editorial on gun laws. 
“The United States suffered it worst terrorist attacks since September 11 and the New York Times’ response it that all law-abiding citizens need their guns taken away,” Erickson added. “Screw them.” 
There's a reason why the Grand Dame presented an editorial on the front page -- they're taking advantage of our gun-control laws, or the lack of them. These shootings won't stop and it won't just be just ISIS. Just about everyone with a few screws loose, an axe to grind and gun control loopholes to exploit will be doing this, more and more frequently.
I swear, this country is going crazier and crazier and the people in Washington are clueless. This is soooo NOT going to end well.  

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