Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Some Run-Down Areas in New Orleans...

... something tells me, though, that they won't stay run-down for long. In fact, some stretches of the Fifth Ward New Orleans near Bayou St John has gentrified already, and the gentrification is spreading! Well peak oil will only make city life more and more attractive. 'Cause who wants to waste money and destroy your sanity sitting in gridlocked traffic two hours each way to and from work?

Orleans Ave outbound, Right Side, Fifth Ward New Orleans.
The blighted properties won't stay blighted for long!

Orleans Ave Outbound Left Side Villere to Claiborne
The New Lafitte Projects.
Not run down but they have algae growing on them.
This area will gentrify FAST.

A PLANT in the esxpressway viaduct!
This area won't be gentrifying anytime soon... until the X-way is gone.

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