Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Derelict Buildings cont'd.

This one on Baronne Street corner of Girod.

There's a "For Lease" sign on the side of the building but who's going to rent it in the shape it's in?

Thursday, June 11, 2015

Derelict Properties in New Orleans - Photo Essay

There are plenty of derelict buildings in New Orleans -- some in the Central Business District, some on Canal Street and many, many more in the old ghettos. So we'll take a small tour, then!

CBD & Canal Street

Former Hampton Inn - Gravier St

Former Knights of Pythias Temple and the Building Behind it - Loyola Ave at Gravier

University of New Orleans Building - Canal St

University of New Orleans Building - Close-up

Former Days Inn - Canal St

Former Days Inn - Close-up
Empty Shell of Storefront - Canal St across from New VA
Empty Shell of Storefront - Second Story Windows

Empty Shell of Storefront - Left Hand Side

Commercial Office Building - Canal St looking NW

Commercial Office Building - Canal St looking SE

Commercial Office Building - Left Hand Side
Apartment House - Canal St

Apartment House - Right Hand Side
Office Block - Canal St

Two-Story House - Canal St
Gert Town: Washington Ave, Clio & Edinburgh Sts

Old Mattress Store - Washington Ave & Jeff Davis Pkwy

Two Story House - Clio St

Double Shotgun - Telemachus St from Clio

Two-Family House - Telemachus St at Erato, from Clio

Double Shotgun with Collapsed Roof - Bloomingdale St from Clio St

Single Family House - Clio St at Audubon Ct
Now a Home for the Pigeons!

Single Family with Business - Audubon Ct from Clio St

Storefront - Edinburgh St at Audubon St

Double Shotgun - Edinburgh St

Double Shotgun - Pine St from Edinburgh

Double Shotgun - Lowerline St from Edinburgh
Private School or Office Building - Edinburgh St

Lumber Shelter Structures - Edinburgh St

Monday, May 11, 2015

Giving Birth to Demons. Really!?

From Billy Masters' column in the April 30th issue of Boston's Bay Windows:

Joseph Sciambra was a gay-porn star—although I've never heard of him. He's now an ex-gay Christian preaching against homosexuality. He claims that during his gay days, he was hospitalized after some extremely rough anal sex and ( I quote ), "had to have my sphincters almost stitched shut." In a video, he says, "I'm going to talk about the devil and why he loves anal sex. Anal sex releases into the world rare demonic entities and that even in the body could be conceived as the devil and that would be given birth to anally."
Hahahaha. This Sciambra character is clueless. Everybody who knows that we create Gods and Demons with our Brains. And the only thing anal sex gives birth to is bad air. That, and that special substance known as "santorum".

Thursday, April 16, 2015


I went to the New Orleans CBD Rouse's on Girod and Baronne Streets yesterday. As I left the store out back to the railway station I noticed the sidewalk was raised with stairs for about five feet. At the end of the sidewalk at O'Keefe Avenue, there were two perfect ADA wheelchair access ramps.

This is a HUGE mistake!
Nobody in a wheelchair can navigate this sidewalk. They have to go OUT into the parking lot and try to get into the rear entrance that way, or go around the corner and come in at Girod Street.
To the architects, engineers, contractors and public officials responsible for this snafu, all I need to do is quote what a certain St. Louis Cardinals fan said to liberal protestors during the Bush years: 

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Hey, Putin!

President of the Russian Federation, you like to gallivant in the fields looking for game to hunt.

Half naked.

When you're no longer the possessor of a fit, tight physique!

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

What 2050 could hold in store for SE Louisiana

From Richard Campanella's book, Time and Place in New Orleans.
Areas in blue are less than 1 ft above today's sea level.
Due to climate change and local subsidence, southeast Louisiana could look like this in 2050, especially if the levees fail in Orleans and Jefferson parishes before then, and the submerged lands are abandoned because because of no money, or worthless money.

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Collard Greens -- Live Plant.

Found this living plant on South Scott Street, February the 6th. Yes, I left it alone.

Collard Greens (Brassica oleracea)
Yellow and red (not visible) stems.