Thursday, September 25, 2014

The Lot Across the Way All Torn Up.

They drove piles yesterday. A lot. And the tracks for the pile-driver tore the grass up, really bad.

Looking from Telemachus Street.

Looking from the street-corner.

Looking from across Baudin Street, second floor.

The Earth May Yet Do Her OWN "Geoengineering"

This just in from the UK:

Icelandic volcano could trigger Britain’s coldest winter EVER this year

"BRITAIN could freeze in YEARS of super-cold winters and miserable summers if the Bardarbunga volcano erupts, experts have warned.

"Depending on the force of the explosion, minute particles thrust beyond the earth’s atmosphere can trigger DECADES of chaotic weather patterns.

"Tiny pieces of debris act as billions of shields reflecting the sun’s light away from earth meaning winter temperatures could plunge LOWER THAN EVER before while summer will be devoid of sunshine.

"The first effect could be a bitterly cold winter to arrive in weeks with thermometers plunging into minus figures and not rising long before next summer."

The Day After Tomorrow for the UK, eh?

More here:

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

The Lot Across the Way Gets a Makeover

The lot across the way gets a makeover: it's grass is cut, turning it from a natural meadow into a mowed vacant lot. It also acquires some stakes and a metal trailer. Two days later, a pile driver shows up, bringing with it two timber piles each 35 feet long.

September 21st - cut grass, stakes and a trailer.

September 22nd. Same.

September 22nd. Same.

September 22nd. Better view of trailer.

September 22nd. Close-up of some stakes.

September 23rd. A pile-driver shows up!
With piles!
More to come...

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Bicycle Roundabout 4

Well the roundabout is now complete! All that's left to do is the landscaping inside and outside the circle.

Looking from Upriver (S.W.)

Looking in from the Lake (N.W.)

Looking from Downriver (N.W. = Bayou St John)

A New Fault Line?

On Conti Street New Orleans,
two blocks toward the lake from

Or is it just that somebody has stolen two letters off the sign?


Monday, September 15, 2014

Electric Service Pole in the Lot across the Way.

In Lot across the Way, I told you of the electric service pole a contractor installed in the vacant lot which has turned into a meadow. Here it is!

You can barely see it here.

But on the Telemachus Street side,
it's as plain as day.

The contractor's name is visible, so give him a call, and ask him to do electrical work on your house! :^) No crank calls, please.

Cloud Mountains

Last night the setting sun illuminated a series of cloud mountains off to the northeast...

And this morning a huge cloud mountain came and sat on my house!