Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Okay, I have a lighter post at this time...


Seth MacFarlane really should have cut a deal with Trey Parker and Matt Stone, the creators of South Park, to include their version of Family Guy in the first installment of "The Road to the Multiverse."

Here's where I envision it to have been placed:

(Conclusion of the Disney universe clip as Mort Goldman is being beaten up by the Griffin family) 
Stewie: Oh, but look how shiny my buttons are here!
Brian: Just push the button!
Stewie: Yeah, yeah. Okay, I'll push the thing. (Stweie hits the button.)
(Bruce the fairy appears, waves his magic wand, causes Stewie and Brian to disappear, then disappears himself in an explosion of stars just as Mort Goldman falls to the floor, unconscious. Brian and Stewie then reappear in the same spot in the South Park version of Family Guy.) 
Brian: What the-?
Stewie: According to my readout, everything here is drawn by the team of Trey Parker and Matt Stone. This is the South Park universe, Brian.
Brian: Which explains why everything is drawn on the cheap, like on a Commodore 64.
Stewie: And the strange sound of our voices.
Brian: Except for yours. (Stewie gives Brian the dirtiest look, then looks back down at the machine.)
Stewie: It also means all the jokes are written by manatees! 
(Cutaway to the interior of the main office of the Family Guy Studios, facing a glass-walled pool with a huge, netted collection of small beach balls, several manatees and a chute into the receptacle within the studio itself. Seth MacFarlane watches as the manatees nose five balls into the chute. The balls descend into the receptacle, each bearing one word.)

Seth MacFarlane (reading the word on each ball in succession): "Laundry," "Sing" "Variety Show" "Paul McCartney," and "The Cockroach Song." Sounds like a Family Guy Joke! 
(Return-cutaway to the Griffin family sitting in their living room. The South Park universe's Stewie and Brian are with the rest.)

Lois (with a rhotic accent): Peter! You forgot to take the laundry out this afternoon.
Peter (in a bad imitation of Archie Bunker doing a bad imitation of Peter): You think *that's* bad--remembah the time I sang LaCucaracha for Pawl McCaatney? 
(Cutaway to multiverse-travelling Stewie and Brian standing behind the couch.)
Stewie: I'm not standing for this, Brian.
Brian: Me neither!
(Stewie hits the button.  Brian and Stewie disappear and then reappear in the Robot Chicken universe.)

Brian: Woah, this is trippy!
Stewie: I should say so; we're in the Robot Chicken universe.
Peter (in anger): Will you guys move? You're blocking the teavee.
And so it goes, with only about 70 seconds to be cut out of the Dominant Dogs universe at the end of the episode to make room.

But it was not meant to be because the creators of South Park despise Family Guy! 😠

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