Thursday, January 26, 2017

2017 Is Strange -- Part 2 January, and a callout to President Donald J. Trump.

Come on, Mr. President, look and learn! What, is, happening, to the sky???

2017 is strange. Enjoy, watch the skies, and learn, including you, Mr. President, that climate change is for real, and it's being caused by a more energetic atmosphere, itself being made more energetic by increasing amounts of Carbon Dioxide being coughed up by fossil-fuel burning by people, offices, governments and industry. Decarbonisation -- 100% Independence From Fossil Fuels -- will provide lots of jobs and counterintuitively will also consume a lot of fossil fuels to get up and running so we also will need a radical conservation program with 100% compliance to free up those fuels to achieve the decarbonisation.

How to achieve this? Slap a 35% tarriff on ALL fossil fuel imports coming into this country. Including the imported oil destined for the refineries to be reexported as refined products.

My namd is Edward Miessner, and I approve of this message, and the vid from LAST MESSAGES.

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