Thursday, December 30, 2010

Merged Chat Logs Timeline Discrepancies!

Many thanks to Fire Dog Lake for merging the alleged Manning-Lamo chat log bits and pieces from wired, and The Washington Post. They have also included unsubstantiated statements from Adrian Lamo, the quisling who fingered Bradley Manning. If Manning's guilty, he's a hero. If innocent, he's been set up, framed and railroaded.

Glenn Greenwald became furious over the past two weeks as he found out that as Bradley Manning is suffering under conditions that any rational being would call torture, Adrian Lamo was free to make many, many unsubstantiated claims about how Manning uploaded the docs up to WikiLeaks (remember, folks, there's 3/4 Million in all, not the 260K Manning's charged with) so he wrote a demand that Poulsen either substantiate Lamo's claims or deny them here, calling the utter fiasco of journalism at Wired a worsening disgrace!

In response, Evan Hansen and Kevin Poulsen of Wired sought to put the record straight here, except they don't, really. They did more of a self-defense through rationalisation and justification, which Glenn Greenwald clearly saw through and reported here and here. Glenn noticed that Poulsen and Hansen did not address Lamo's claims that (1) Manning contacted him out of the blue, either through the AOL(?) IM service or through sending encoded emails that Lamo didn't decode because he lost or discarded the key he had to do so, and (2) Assange gave Manning special software other than the FTP software that can be used by anybody to upload sensitive documents up to WikiLeaks. Assange has said several times that his technology is set up to upload completely anonymously so that the WikiLeaks people would not ever know who uploaded the data. Assange also said that he never knew of Manning until his name was made public by the Mainstream Media!

Well today, reported that Poulsen and Hansen basically threw Lamo under the bus! And even then they were being coy about it: Evan Hansen tweet: "@ggreenwald I just reviewed the full text and all descriptions of Manning's relationship w/ Assange and Wikileaks are already public."

I for one think that the chat logs are very fishy. They appear to have Manning and Lamo chatting at peculiar hours, especially for a soldier who's expected to keep normal - early to bed, early to rise - hours after being removed from the intelligence unit (the logs allege that) and probably when he was in it, too! BoingBoing noticed that Adriam Lamo was outing him as a pre-transitioned transgendered person (really Adrian? where's the proof?). So without further adieu, I shall sort out the blocs of chats and the hours covered. The times in FDL as in every other media hour, I presume to be Pacific Daylight Time (PDT), which is = GMT - 7. Iraq Military Time (IMT) is GMT + 3. So to get IMT, one adds 10 hours to PDT.

FireDogLake's Merged Chat Logs Divided into Blocs

IMT: 0000:00 HRS to 1200:00 HRS is AM; 12:00:00 HRS to 2400:00 HRS is PM.

Bloc A

Begin 5/21 01:41:12 PM PDT = 5/21 2341:12 HRS IMT
End 5/21 02:17:29 PM PDT = 5/22 0017:29 HRS IMT

Bloc B - Question by Lamo - Manning should be asleep.

Lamo 5/21 06:07:29 PM PDT = 5/22 0407:29 HRS IMT

Bloc C - Answer by Manning. Assume before dawn 5/22 PDT. Lamo's probably up!

Manning 5/22 03:16:24 AM PDT = 5/22 1316:24 HRS IMT

Bloc D

Begin 5/22 12:15:11 PM PDT = 5/22 2215:11 HRS IMT
End 5/22 02:19:37 PM PDT = 5/23 0019:37 HRS IMT

Bloc E

Begin 5/23 07:19:12 AM PDT = 5/23 1719:12 HRS IMT
End 5/23 07:34:48 AM PDT = 5/23 1734:48 HRS IMT

Bloc F

Begin 5/23 08:01:30 AM PDT = 5/23 1601:30 HRS IMT
End 5/23 10:37:28 AM PDT = 5/23 2037:28 HRS IMT

Bloc G

Begin 5/25 02:03:10 AM PDT = 5/25 1203:10 HRS IMT
End 5/25 02:32:53 AM PDT = 5/25 1232:53 HRS IMT

Bloc H

Begin 5/25 02:26:01 PM PDT = 5/26 0026:01 HRS IMT*
End 5/25 03:02:03 PM PDT = 5/26 0102:03 HRS IMT

Bloc J

Begin 5/25 03:07:26 PM PDT = 5/26 0107:26 HRS IMT
End 5/25 03:12:16 PM PDT = 5/26 0112:16 HRS IMT

Okay, what the hell is a soldier doing up at 1 in the morning if he has to awake at 5 or 6 AM??? And even later, cause the chat logs if fully released, could show the alleged conversation going even further into the morning!

Time Lapse Blocs. The time recorded between end of Bloc J and beginning of Time Lapse Bloc K goes BACK in time by more than one hour. Recorded by Wired as having occurred on the 25th PDT. I will leave it like that here, but plot it on the attached chart (at the bottom) as having occurred the next day. To avoid obvious conflicts.

Time Lapse Bloc K

Begin 5/25 01:52:30 PM PDT = 5/25 2352:30 HRS IMT
End 5/25 02:03:53 PM PDT = 5/26 0003:53 HRS IMT

Time Lapse Bloc L

Begin 5/25 02:12:23 PM PDT = 5/26 0012:23 HRS IMT
End 5/25 02:29:18 PM PDT = 5/26 0029:18 HRS IMT*

* There are 3 minutes' overlap between the beginning of Bloc H and the end of Time Lapse Bloc L, but the subject matter does not match one with the other! They are mutually exclusive and it appears there are texts sent simultaneously by Manning! This is absolutely impossible. This is an immense credibility problem for these chat logs, given Lamo's disreputable character.

Time Lapse Bloc M

Begin 5/25 03:38:07 PM PDT = 5/26 0138:07 HRS IMT
End 5/25 03:45:13 PM PDT = 5/26 0145:13 HRS IMT

Time Lapse Bloc N

Begin 5/25 04:32:05 PM PDT = 5/26 0232:05 HRS IMT
End 5/25 04:46:29 PM PDT = 5/26 0246:29 HRS IMT

What on Earth is a soldier doing up at 3 AM unless he's on night duty? And if he's on duty, and already people have eyes on him, what would he be doing chatting with this slacker hacker? Or is he "talking" with the hacker only in the hacker's BRAIN? Enquiring minds want to know!

Now the Time Lapse blocs. Since Wired has these blocs on the 25th PDT, they could have been in Lamo's 'puter as reading that they were made on the 25th! Immediately I would assume, if I were on the jury, that these chat logs, being *.txt files, are utterly suspect. I mean, they could have been corrupted or even invented by Lamo. Who basically snitched on Manning or set him up and framed him without even contacting him. Which means Lamo and others whom he pals around with, like Poulsen, could be working for the US central government. Which in itself is utterly corrupt.

So instead of Manning being Courtmartialed, the whole government/military-industrial nomenklatura should should all be arrested. For war crimes and crimes against humanity as well as treason.

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