Friday, December 31, 2010


2010 was a disaster. The mainstream media was responsible for the right-winged takeover of the Lower House of Congress, for Pfc Bradley Manning to be figuratively CRUCIFIED in the public square, for Obama (THAT One) caving time and time again again, undermining Nancy Pelosi and pruning Harry Reid's ability for enabling better legislation. For passing a bogus DADT Repeal which is anything BUT - and with the fake Bradley Manning scandle, they'll take years, if not decades, to get a round tuit and lift DADT. And yes, the Bradley Manning scandle is utterly FAKE, because all the evidence that's been produced so far are a bunch of BOGUS or at least apparently so chat logs produced by one disreputable character, Adrian Lamo, quisling!

And why am I so pissed off at the Bradley Manning scandle? Because if the guy is sent to 52 years in prison, or executed for Treason MERELY FOR SPEAKING THE TRUTH, then the US Government gets to be as opaque as it wants to be, but the citizenry, not just in the US but all over the world, will have to be utterly transparent to the US government! This is nothing short of utter insanity and pure fascism and is reminiscent of the sort of human liberty abuses that were predicted in Revelations Chapter 13. Even tho' I'm a Bible disbeliever!

And I am going to make a Hitler Downfall (Untergang) parody where Der Fuehrer complains that Obama (THAT One!) is horning in on HIS territiry and is liable for civil and criminal penalties under Godwin's Law!!!

Happy New Year!

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