Thursday, January 21, 2010

So Now Gavin Newsom is a Homosexual by Association! LOL

From today's session, early afternoon, of the California Proposition 8 Trial in Federal Court, S.F., CA.

David Boies: (pauses to collect himself) Turn to PX513. This is something you wrote for the campaign for Proposition 8, correect?
Dr. William Tam: Yes.
B: The heading is WHAT IF WE LOSE, correct?
T: Yes.
B: Meaning what if Proposition 8 doesn't pass?
T: Yes.
B: You write, "They will lose no time pushing The Gay Agenda."
T: Yes.
B: You wrote, "The San Francisco government under rule of homosexuals."
T: Yes.
B: Who were these homosexuals?
T: Tom Ammiano was a supervisor.
B: Was the mayor a homosexual?
T: I don't believe so?
B: So why did you say that?
T: Well Gavin Newsom married them so he must be their friend.
B: So you mean that San Francisco was under the rule of heterosexuals who were friends with homosexuals?
T: You were using your legal words to change my original intent.

So here we have Dr. Tam basically saying in his campaign email that gavin Newsom is a homosexual by association. Or at least that's how it comes off to me.

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