Sunday, January 3, 2010

Bryce's Story.

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A few more details: at about 4:30 the afternoon of June 15th 2009, Bryce Faulkner called his long-distance lover Travis Swanson via cel phone. Bryce was in tears. He reported to Travis that his parents had found out about ALL his communications by unethically obtaining passwords behind his back and rummaging through his email, cel phone and Skype communications. He said further that they called him and Travis hateful, hurtful names and made him read out loud all the "clobber" passages from the Christian Bible beginning with Leviticus (aka 3rd Moses) 18:22. They took away all that he had and gave him an ultimatum: homelessness, or join a live-in Ex-Gay cult for 14 months. Well in his homophobic ultra-conservative town of El Dorado, Arkansas, being homeless could have been for him a sentence of death by queer-bashing before he was even one day's journey outside of that town (it is literally in the middle of nowhere -- at least two hours' drive or four summer's days' walk from Little Rock) given that his parents had proven themselves to be untrustworthy and would IMO blab his "sexual sin" all over town. So IMO he picked the option least likely to prevent him from ever seeing Travis again... joining the cult. And the cult teaches that for the homosexual, salvation is by works until he becomes heterosexual. Or at least that is how the message preached comes off to the homosexual.

So now he waits trapped, six months into his 14-months' sentence, waiting for the day he will be released, in some Ex-Gay cult facility surrounded by humiliating negativity and impacted by extremely dangerous mind-control tactics. He is rumoured to be in a facility in Memphis or in Pensacola. I am four hours away from Pens., in New Orleans. Good people in either city, if you see Bryce and recognise him, tell him God loves him just the way he is and that God does not make mistakes! And if he wants to get away from that cult (I'm certain he will) please rescue him!

Everybody, pray for Bryce and send him spiritual support, good vibes and life-sustaining energy any way you can.

Thank you!

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