Wednesday, July 27, 2016

"Retrotopia 2065" Finished Copy

This is the finished copy of the "Retrotopia ca 2065" map. Retrotopia is John Michael Greer's utopia for North America after an imagined civil war breaks out in 2029. (Well one might in actual life!)

Changes from the draft:

- Yukon and MacKenzie Deltas restored -- differential sea level change indicates that the sea level up on the Alaska and Yukon western and northern shores may stay the same or drop slightly due to the proximity to Greenland.

- Colorado area changed to match Maw Kernewek's map.

- West Virginia area - same.

- Missouri area - same.

- All the measles were taken off. (Tip to readers: never, never, never save as a GIF after working on one in MS Paint. Save it as a BMP or PNG instead.)

That is all.

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