Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Two Blighted Properties in Gentrified Areas.

In an era of peak oil and the fashionableness and popularity of city living, these buildings should have been rehabbed into perfect condition by now.

First blighted property! Magazine at Napoleon Avenue in the Faubourg Bouligny. Miss Mae's, a local tavern, is on the bottom floor, the top floor is vacant and boarded up.

If this isn't fixed up and fixed up soon, Miss Mae's will have to move.
The second blighted property is on Sophie Wright Place near Felicity, in the Coliseum Square / Lower Garden District.
Three-quarters front and left profile.

View of front with collapsing gutter and soffit.

"Nice noggin' youse got there. I'd hate to lose it."
Nice warning sign.
Too bad it's at the wrong (left) end of the front of the house.

And here is the collapsing gutter and soffit - at the right end!
Looking up at the collapse-in-slow-motion.
Somebody could get killed by this once it lets go.

Three-quarters profile of right side from across the street.
Graced with oh, so lovely graffiti.

Close-up of the right side.
Grey Ghost, you have a job to do!
Left end of the house from across the street.
Look! You can see daylight!

And here's a dogtrot down the middle!
Did it used to be a garage???

Three-quarters profile view of the left side of the house.
Nice view from the front bedroom!

Satellite dish behind the right end of the house.
Clearly inoperable; only serves as a support for weed vines.

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