Friday, September 11, 2015

My Other Blogs.

Presently I have three blogs going on.

This one, Fin des Voies Rapides (If Peak Oil Were No Object); and two others, International Highway Makeover 2 and 2015 Is Strange!

This one, as I've announced already, is being put back to its stated purpose reporting on peak oil and expanded to include climate change, since the Warmists always assume that humanity will be able to get to about 20,000 gigatonnes (20 GT = 20 thousand billion tons) more of fossil fuels in an economical, profitable manner at a price the consumers can afford.

International Highway Makeover 2 will go back to Route markers that I have designs for.

And 2015 Is Strange! will continue to report on our weird weather due to climate change.

My old crucifixion articles will be reposted in a blog called Crux Blog if that name's not taken, or some name like it.


A demain...

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