Wednesday, March 13, 2013

How Many People Feel Today.

The venues are gone.

The structures, the organizations, the groups that provided venues for livelihood simply no longer exist. We've been distracted and undermined, made to be lost.

We have been made to be lost, abandoned. Venues of opportunity have been eroded. Venues of opportunity, venues of livelihood are gone: priced out in a speculator's gamble, a race to the bottom, third world America.

Disappearing opportunities, undermining the structures and venues of opportunities: the opportunities to achieve substantial and meaningful endeavors. Stability and security is conducive to mental health and strength. Instability and insecurity undermines mental strength. Fearfulness keeps people mentally weak, vulnerable and desperate. This is why we are depressed, trapped and paralyzed. We do not have access to meaningful and substantial venues for livelihood, nor the essential resources to achieve our endeavors.

A world of corporate abuses and media distractions. We are now trapped, cornered. There are no choices, no opportunities; everything is falling apart, by neglect and planned obsolescence. The people who have jobs hate and resent those others who want jobs or who want encouragement. Those 'others' are to be weeded out and discouraged, and told to blame themselves.

If our rents and mortages had been half as much, those of us who have been evicted and foreclosed upon would have been able to stay in their residences for for far longer.

People need to be valued.
People deserve to be valued.
People are useful.
People are important.

But we are told that we are not.
We are lied to constantly.

We are told that we are not valued.
We are told we do not deserve to be valued.
We are told that we are not useful.
We are told that we are not important.

Our stability, our neatness and cleanliness, our functioning, are not valued.

Only how much wealth we have.

We are all at each others' throats now.

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