Saturday, November 17, 2012

Some Updates.

I have made some changes to the following articles:

Crucifixion the Bodily Support - The Acuta Crux in Anti-Christian Discourse (1)

Added links and resources to the article, and made some slight tweaks.

Crucifixion the Bodily Support - "Biblical Evidence" - Installment 6. (Harmonisation)

Added more discussion toward the end of section F.14 and added new sections F.15 that attempts to determine what sort of suspension tool the gospels are talking about by taking each Gospels and Acts as a complete, separate story and comparing the various possible types and eliminate ones that don't conform to the other stories' possible types.

It turns out the Gospels and Acts are unclear on what sort of executionary torture-suspension method is described therein! Was it a hanging on some sort of cruciform structure with a thorn that one sat on or 'rode'; or was it on a set of three poles and a beam, wherein the central pole was an impaling stake? Similar to a portrayal of the 'crucifixion' of Jesus here on this bloodstone?

Source: British Museum.

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