Monday, February 22, 2010

Is This Good For The Gays? NO!!!!! And This Is Why We Have To SPEAK THE TRUTH TO RIGHT-WINGED LIES!!!!!

There is this shocking case of a gay adoptive father who allegedly offered his five-year-old son as a sex object online.

The case, which culminated in a June 26 arrest in which Duke University Center for Health Policy Associate Director Frank Lombard allegedly offered an undercover officer the sexual services of his young adopted son. Eeeewwwww. And, it's appalling! This is the sort of thing that ought not be done by ANYBODY within the LGBT community! One case of pedophilia or child prostitution by an LGBT person is one too many!

Yet this is just one of how many hundreds or thousands of gay fathers who are the best parents the kids have ever ever had? And how many heterosexual parents have done the same thing this gay adoptive father did? To their own biological kids??? Yet seldom do people intervene on behalf of the kids of heterosexual parents until the parents’ conduct is simply outrageous.

Of course, pundits on the right lost no time in seizing on this shocking case. They pointing to the case as evidence why LGBT people especially gay men ought not to be allowed to adopt.

Of course, nothing coule be further from the truth. In reality, gay men are found by peer-reviewed studies to be LESS likely to be involved in pedophilia than the population at large. One such study was done by Dr. Carole Jenny of Denver Children's Hospital. She found that from a sample of fifty boys, there was one boy who was molested by a man who *could* have been gay and forty-nine boys who were molested by either straight men, straight women, or both. Usually close relatives or family friends.

Now why would heterosexual men molest boys??? Watch the embedded video and find out! What you will find will shock and disgust and appal you.

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