Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Not Often I Like What Neo-Cons Do

But today, the American Enterprise Institute has put together a splendid webpage showing the progress of the Iranian people's struggle against their own government! And over a stolen election, too! We could have done the same over Bush's alleged "election" in '00 (stolen in FL) or his so-called "re-election" in '04 (stolen in OH), but did not. Bad on us.

And the nutjob Shah, Ayatolah Khameini, said yesterday that the Iranian Government will not give in to pressure, and neither will the Iranian People! Oh, Jeez. The guy's delusional. I suppose a realistic interpretation of the *ahem* "Supreme Leader's" remarks would be that the People and the Government will not yield to each other! For the Iranian Government and the Iranian People are now at loggerheads! Even some of the militia are now flashing peace/victory signs to the protestors!

God save the people of Iran! Allah Akbar! God is Great!

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