Thursday, August 14, 2008

Why "Fin des Voies Rapides?"

Why "Fin des Voies Rapides?" Curious, but simple. It all goes back to a trip I took with my partner, Andrew, in September, 1993. We were living in Boston at the time and we decided at the drop of a hat to visit Montreal. So we drove up I-93 from Boston, to I-89, then in to Montreal via various Quebec Autoroutes (expressways aka freeways). As we came in to the city on the Autoroute Bonaventure (the A-10 expressway) I noticed a huge overhead sign bearing the message above. 1500 feet ahead, the expressway came to an end, dumping all its traffic onto the city streets.

So what does this mean for the implication of peak oil? Peak oil means that once the maximum production has been reached, the amount of oil available would gradually decline. The effect on the US would be intensified, since the oil EXPORTERS would be consuming MORE of their DECLINING production. So in short, peak oil means the approaching end of our "life in the fast lane." The French version would be IMO, "fin des voies rapides." :)

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